I have had the joy of working with Annie Painter over the last 6 years. She has inspired and stretched me as an art educator and artist. Her knowledge and experience in the classroom is beyond measure. I enjoy co-teaching with her, the student experiences are always rich. While co-teaching with Annie I've witnessed how she ignites a contagious creative flame in the students.

-Karen Williams, Central Oregon Arts Educator

I was thinking of a time when you inspired the entire school (Powell Valley) to focus all aspects of the curriculum around the rain forest. You even got less motivated teachers to participate. Annie, your enthusiasm and love of life has always and will always inspire me to keep reaching for the stars. I am so grateful to have had our time working together but more importantly, I am so thrilled to have you in my life as a lifelong friend.

-Laura Henchman, Retired P.E. Teacher


I was thrilled to have an art curriculum in our school.  I recall the first time she came to a staff meeting to introduce herself and her plan.  I don’t remember much about the details of her presentation but I do remember (when she presented at our staff meeting)  how comfortable and at ease she seemed inspiring confidence in me that this was someone who knew where she was going and how to get there.  I was not disappointed.  That summer I began taking classes at her institute because I wanted to incorporate her ideas into my teaching.  I have been hooked ever since....She is a master teacher – every lesson is crafted in a way that demonstrates best practices. They begin with a gathering of artists and end with a debrief. She makes the students feel like capable artists no matter what their skill or comfort level.

-Jeanne Sitter, Teacher, Redmond


I can honestly say through experience, Annie is a great teacher!  She has a passion for education and for the arts and constantly renews herself as a professional on her quest to provide students with the highest quality of education possible.  She lknows how to incorporate new ideas into lessons and always seems to be willing to share what she has learned or created with her friends, colleagues and students.  Her communication skills are exemplary weather she is speaking with an administrator, one of her students or a colleague.  Having Annie as a friend and professional colleague is a gift I will always treasure.

-Sue Carter Low, former elementary principal, Distinguished Oregon Educator.

Student Feedback

When I go over to Annie’s and I know we are going to do some art I feel excited and can’t wait to start.  I keep asking when we are going to do it.  I get to be creative.  She instructs you but she doesn’t tell you that you have to do this or that or blah blah blah.  She lets you pick out your own stuff.   I am proud of what I make at Annie’s

-Lilly, 3rd grade

Sometimes letting your creative mind go is the best way to do things. It just shows the inner you when you do art. I’m mad at whoever decided to shut down art in school. Experiencing this art in my class with Annie and my teacher was one of the best things that happened to me.”

-J.T., 4th grade


...when sad, it makes you feel so happy because of all the beautiful colors….when you hold up your art you have the best smile on your face.

-B.B., 3rd grade




I loved every single piece of art we did, not just how it looked, also the process.

-W.H., 4th grade

Perform a Fable Feedback

In this class you learn a lot about art and more importantly how to have fun. This class is not like school at all. It is fun and and you never get bored.  You can show up early and Annie will be there. Class starts at 9.00 and ends at 2.00. Around 10.00 you have a snack and choice time where you can do whatever you want. At 12.00 you have lunch inside or out and again have choice time. At the end of the day everyone says compliments to each other. I say this class is better than a camp. 

I have no suggestions for THE STUDIO but this class is so fun that there is nothing you could do to make it better.

-girl, age11

At this class you learn many skills and accomplish many things. Some of the skills your child could lear are basic acting and art skills while having fun. Kids will learn to make tunics and headdresses. Kids an accomplish being better at art and having fun! This class would be great for kids.


-boy, age 12

This class is great for all ages. You get the chance to make a cool costume and headdresses and you learn lots of art techniques and you make a lot of friends and at lunch you can go outside or for a picnic or stay inside...for choice time you can play games and make crafts. I love this studio.  

-girl, age 9 from North Carolina