Supplies &  Handouts

1. PAINT: Non-toxic, washable, water base tempera paint in turquoise (also called cyan), magenta and yellow. White paint is needed for painting papers. Use with all color mixing lessons in Annie's workshops and videos. Find at your local variety, art or school supply store such as BLICK  or from NASCO. 
Pints Crayola Artista II Tempera Paint: White, Yellow, Magenta and 
Turquoise (We call Cyan)


2. PAPER: 60# white drawing that will accept water media or sturdy white butcher paper NOT treated with fire proofing. Use with all color mixing lessons including painted paper. Exception: Do not use butcher paper when making paint chips. Find smaller amounts at your local variety, art or school supply store or from BLICK or NASCO. Note: I have included product name from recent NASCO orders. They may differ at other suppliers. 

12 x 18 Nasco Budget White Sulphite Drawing

NASCO's catalog says this paper is NOT for wet media. However,

its perfect for our color mixing and hand painted paper work. 

 NASCO While All Media Drawing Paper

OR use the following sturdy butcher paper:

 24" Kraft Paper in white 1000 foot roll, 40#

 36" Kraft Paper in white 1000 foot roll, 40#


3. BRUSHES: Stiff easel brushes for mixing color samples, wider utility brushes for painting papers. Easy to find in small amounts in your garage, at local art, school, variety and hardware stores or check out these options from NASCO 

 Children's Paintbrush assortment-24 short handled 

 Royal Brush Economy Box Assortment of White Bristle Rounds and Flats-144 

Student set Hog Bristle Brushes set of 6 

White bristle utility brush assortment, 114 brushes

Use these or similar 1"-2" utility brushes for all hand painted paper work.
IMPORTANT: Whatever brushes you use, be sure bristles are natural or white in color.

Black bristles make it difficult to see your colors mix.


4. NON-SPILL WATER CUPS, useful but not required for color mixing:

 Nasco nonspill Water Pot, set of 10 

TIP: Use tall cans or plastic jars for water so brush handles don't tip the container over.

5. COLOR WHEEL BLANKPrint out, size as you wish and glue your mixed paint samples for your own wheel. Download here: Annie Painter's Blank Color Wheel pdf


6. FULL COLOR WHEELPrint out and use as a reference when painting or making your own wheel form your mixed samples.Colors will vary depending on your monitor, printer, inks, and paint samples so trust your own eye to make all 12 colors on your wheel work as a chart for you. Download here: Annie Painter's Full Color Wheel pdf


7. ANNIE'S ART JOURNAL. Complete full color appendix of Annie's book, Vincent and Jake Learn Color Mixing including how to make hand print wheel, color samples and wheel with instructions for mixing and information glossary information for class discussion before or after viewing the video in which Annie reads the story. Permission granted for use of appendix material with your class, family, or group. Not for re-sale or inclusion in other media.   Download Appendix here: Annie's Art Journal pdf


8. MISCELLANEOUS MATERIALS used with Annie's color mixing lessons in workshops an on video:

  • Stapler

  • Ruler (if measuring for wheels)

  • Paper plates (for mixing paint, stapling paint chips)

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

  • Water bucket and rags with a drop of mild detertent for hand print color wheel Dark crayon, pencil


9. PAINTED PAPER STATION LABELS for six or nine stations. Down load here: Paper Station Labels pdf


10. STUDIO RULES AND TEAMWORK SKILLS POSTERS Print out, enlarge, laminate and use to guide all art lessons and all teamwork activities. Download here: Art Inst, Rules, BDDC 2010 pdf


11. COLOR AND DESIGN VOCABULARY: Elements, Principles, Struggling Artist* Treasure Hunts and Color Names.  vocabulary list pdf  *Title of Annie's book and favorite basic painting lesson PRICE NOTE: NASCO prices will vary depending on volume and shipping needs. Whatever we purchase from any source, we buy the safest, non-toxic materials and tools we can find for all ages. 


12. ELEMENTS & PRINCIPLES OF VISUAL DESIGN - Download here: Elements and Principles of Visual Design Handout pdf

This project was developed to use elements and principles used world wide without pretending to make folk art from another culture. This project is aimed at the fun of personal adornment for the creator! 
Download here: Headdress Instructions pdf