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*Jane Fonda in her Ted talk promotes an idea that makes good sense to me—thinking not of retirement in later life but of a third act. The ‘longevity revolution,’ she points out, has resulted in an entire adult lifetime of thirty years or more being added to our lifespans…a time many feel better, less stressed, happier. A time to refocus but not retire one’s skills and contributions. 


Before moving back to Portland (Spring 2018), I closed my wonderful teaching studio in central Oregon (Sisters). 

There, I asked the question, “What shall we create together?" 


For more than two years, the community answered: parent child art dates, pre-school creative play, graduate student practicum projects, summer teacher team retreats, school residencies, curriculum and assessment work, hosting school field trips, a few family art parties, volunteer service to high risk children and their mentors, a paper fashion show for teens, folk art headdresses, hand tooled papers that became dazzling little books, sewing, and collage pieces, and the #1 hit—using the professional hand crank press with  printing paper and non-toxic soy based inks .


Working this way is a perfect fit for me...a way to continue my own third act in Portland. 

What now? What shall we create together?

My approach is flexible, collaborative and simple, unchanged from my two years in Sisters:

Less, done very well, is more.

Find a way to say yes.



My priorities for a few collaborations each year:

1. Volunteer service with an established non-profit organization where my time and skills are a good fit with their mission.  Example: I am an advisor/guest teacher for the George D. Green Art Institute http://www.georgedgreenartinstitute.org (educational outreach through high quality curated exhibits).

a. No charge for my involvement except supplies and possible travel if needed.

2. School and Community Art Programs for a reduced (Act Three) fee (reduced from my early career fees). Examples: Well tested teacher/student workshops based on decades of graduate level courses I wrote and taught through Portland State University: Color and Design with Cut Paper Creations (integrated with science, language arts, social studies), Drawing and Childhood Development, Clay as a Thinking Tool with no firing), curriculum writing and assessment in the arts. Contact me for a list of my 20 Best Bets--most popular workshops and lessons for teachers and students.

3. Media & event production: I continue to write lesson designs, produce teaching videos (Glue and Go Collage is NEW 2018) and collaborate on installations, teaching media and design events. Family Arts events too. What shall we create?

Reduced Fees: Student residencies: $280 a day (6-8 hours), $175 half day (3-4 hours) with per diem, space rental and supplies extra if needed. Professional development for educators/parent leaders (small team or up to 20): $250 2-3 hours (requires 2 hour access to set up, 1 hour after to clean up. Sponsor sets up tables, chairs, access to water, garbage cans, etc). $450 full day.

Or working with you, we’ll create a custom fee by the job. For example, some teachers like me to come once a month for inservice while they apply the lesson between my visits. 


What shall we create together? Please contact me for an art chat.  Annie Painter.  2019-20  anniepainter@msn.com


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