Build-a-Class to be taught at your site

All of Annie's classes and events involve respect for materials , ideas and each other, support creative thinking and diverse ideas.  We believe in exploring and study for inspiration, practicing skills, creating many ways and reflecting whether we are designing an art party or planning a teacher graduate class.


We might choose….


1) Free exploring with media! Just begin. No lesson (Followed by instruction and creation). Only Studio Rules apply. Free time for you with media-Open Studio time or as part of a class.

  1. Pencils, crayons, markers, branch pens, pastels, inks and paper

  2. Three colors of paint plus white, brushes and paper. Color mix and paint whatever you like.

  3. Finger painting on special paper with non-toxic finger-paints.

  4. Cutting tearing, forming, pasting and creating collages, decorations, costumes….or?


2) Annie’s Color & Design Curriculum

  1. For teachers, for adult enrichment, for children, for mixed age groups, for staff unity, family events….

    1. Struggling Artist Masterpiece

    2. Color mixing

    3. Color wheels

    4. Hand painted and tooled papers

    5. Paper parade cutting and forming practic

    6. Collage, paper mosaics

    7. Book making

    8. Creating costumes and wearable art

    9. Cut paper masks with mood

    10. Headdresses

    11. Bold Birds, Bugs, Fish and Flowers and much more from two decades of regional and national work.

    12. Murals

    13. Paper weaving


3) Print and Stamp Studio—allow 4-6 sessions—2 hours each session

  1. Design techniques and print projects possible--inspiration

  2. Rubbing, inking and pressure printing with found materials

  3. Creating and printing embossing, originals and ‘ghosts’ using Akua ink non-toxic ink and the hand print press

  4. Embellishing and re-working

    1. Pastels on embossed work

    2. Colored pencils

    3. Adding collage pieces

    4. Stamping images, messages, letters, numbers

    5. Cutting up and re-working into collages and books

  5. Monoprint techniques with tempera an Akua Color liquid

  6. Transfer prints (a bit like using carbon paper)

  7. Personal project—new work based on above techniques

4) 3D pop up abstract sculptures inspired by Annie’s pop up book collection

  1. David Carter’s work—enjoy books first

  2. Create using simple elements in the pop up design—base, platform, repeat elements

  3. Apply to wearable art, book and card making

5) Simple bookmaking

  1. Create hand painted, tooled papers and/or find papers

  2. Simple accordion modules—one or several combined, tied with ribbon.

  3. Explore creative book construction using Annie’s books, binding machine, found papers, envelopes, ties, "what if" thinking...

  4. GOT A REASON TO WRITE OR DRAW?  A school project? Note or card for parents, friends, relatives? Create the book or container for a message.

  5. Box books—separate pages are cards stored in a box. (enjoy Annie’s examples).


6) Wearable Art—costumes often inspired by nature

  1. Cut paper creations

  2. Found object creations

  3. Sewn items


7) Finger painting on special finger paint paper 16 x 22 with non-toxic finger paints. Relaxing for all ages.


8) Hand print color wheel—a small group or family art event.


9) Hand made branch pen drawing with pastel color added

  1. Creek, estuary, habitat, or other environment on lengths of brown paper.


10) Inspired by books. Read, chat, view and respond in art

  1. Artists and art works—books and prints help us see how artists use themes we are exploring—or how they use paint, printing, re-cycled materials, clay, metal, wood…. We are inspired but do not copy. Also…we just read and view to learn and enjoy ideas beyond our own to expand our definitions of art.

  2. Books that support creative thinking

  3. Pop up books to inspire paper sculpture and promote interaction between adult and child.

  4. Picture books and prints—just learn to relax and SEE. Have an art chat about what is seen and learned.

  5. Resource books for use in idea development, checking parts of a bird, learning more about a technique, for example.

  6. Stories and poems



11) Block metaphor and model making

  1. Annie uses blocks with students for re=telling stories after reading, for creating models in science, for showing what one imagines…for supporting language literacy and crystalizing learning and ideas.

  2. Begin with hundreds of blocks and see what happens…


12) Found object and re-purposed materials—what can it be?

  1. Cardboard, fabric, odds and ends—we’ve created abstract 3D sculptures, ‘gifts’ in boxes for others, wearable art…great for immediate creative connecting skills.


13) Drawing from imagination and observation

  1. Shell observation drawing with paint chip color

  2. Flower observation drawing with paint chip color

  3. Fabulous Face in a Frame that Fits…black crayon outline with water color or paint chip color

  4. Lounging Lizard-stuffed painting

  5. Stuffed Fish painting

  6. Food with a Mood—observed cross sections of fruits and veggies with paint chip or water color painting

  7. Drawing skills with pencils and mixed media


14) Annie’s Portland State University Practicum for 1,2 or 3 credits…sample individual teacher choices have included custom designed studies as follows (in which Annie was collaborator, lesson design guide and coach, not media expert, elementary and secondary levels)--

  1. Digital Photography

  2. Glaze Chemistry

  3. Printmaking

  4. Wearable art

  5. Re-purposing found materials

  6. Early childhood studies world wide

  7. Using theatre to support science study

  8. Paper weaving

  9. Sketchbook Exchange


15) Annie’s Drawing and Childhood Development Course (on request as a workshop or course)

  1. Annie developed a course called Drawing and Childhood Development to share the skills based but developmentally friendly drawing curriculum she developed for all ages. Includes both observation drawing and seeing skills and developmental ‘schematic’ early childhood drawing.



16) Other Portland State Graduate Courses available on request for groups

  1.  Color and Design with Cut Paper Creations for Educators

  2. 1-2-3 graduate credits

  3. Annie Painter’s Basic Course (for teachers) 3 credits

  4. Clay as a Thinking Tool (with our without firing / May need to be one at your site)


And inventions….whatever we like…we ask…”what if?”


What do you want to create for your group

What would you do with a giant packing box that held

Annie’s new studio chairs