A Note from Annie

2021:  The Studio in Sisters Closed in 2017 when I moved to Portland intending to continue with teaching, coaching and volunteering my methods and media.  in 2019 I began using my hand painted paper collage work as applied design images for use on fashions and Oregon Annie Artwear was born. 

Now, with Covid 19 still changing the way we do so much, I welcome ways to contribute and create online.  

I'm leaving the following on the site because it does explain a bit about my approach and most recent teaching.



2018: Before my move from Sister, Oregon to Portland:


No one would fault me for actually retiring after having been a teacher in New York City, a middle and high school art teacher in Oregon, a school principal in Gresham and a graduate instructor   and national arts consultant for decades.  It turns out I’m not nearly done with my life’s work.    


So I leased a studio/teaching space and now I’m back at work, this time with no pressure, just joy so far…shifting my focus to even more collaboration with my community, Sisters, Oregon, and those who would like to join me here for a workshop or project.  


Now, my new focus, time and space will be divided three ways for all ages-

  1. To continue community service in the arts and contribute my space and art lessons, currently with the Circle of Friends and others in the future.

  2. To use my studio and offices creatively for developing new lessons and resources as well as doing my own art, design and media work.

  3. To program the space collaboratively, offering fee based classes, partnering with others to create events, letting the projects unfold…for the first time in my long career…being ‘intentionally undefined’ until a good idea takes shape with a colleague or for a group.


What you can expect from me and the programs you’ll enjoy here

  1. An emphasis on comfort, safety and relaxed, yet organized time, lessons and materials. We will use non-toxic materials including Akua soy base or other water base inks in printing.

  2. A very warm welcome.  I would not still be doing this work with people of all ages if I scared folks away. I begin where you begin.

  3. My belief that the arts—well taught and learned—are non-negotiable in a healthy society.  Through the arts we remember, imagine, mourn, celebrate, take a stand, take a break, find joy, engagement and meaning.     

  4. A teaching approach that is developmentally appropriate, relaxed, personalized and includes

    • Inspiration (books, prints, demonstrations, art chats),

    • Exploration and ‘play’ with media and materials before art making,

    • Instruction in safety and skills needed to work in the studio

    • Creativity--an emphasis on creative choice within reasonable limits (we do not copy or do crafts that others have already designed),

    • Time to share work, snags, surprises and thoughts in an art chat. A time to be heard and to listen.



I still support elementary and secondary teachers through graduate work, but I’m just as interested in creating a family art event or leading a class of 8-10 (my usual limit now) in my print and stamping room or finger painting with grandparents and their grandchildren. I am able to co-sponsor workshops with other teachers and contribute space and programs as a community service to organizations such as the Circle of Friends in Sisters, Oregon where I live and work.  


I create custom designed graduate programs for secondary art and classroom teachers who earn graduate credit for a Practicum through Portland State University, Continuing Education in the Graduate School of Education.  These unique programs have included paper fashion design, digital photography, paper engineering and book making, lesson design for teaching art in Taiwan, and strategies for helping adolescents think more creatively.  I am the coach, the lesson design and planning guide.  Each teacher brings his or her own skills, interests and goals to the plan. The timeline is our own. We work in my studio, online, through phoning and skype and with visits I make to a teacher’s site as possible.


What shall we do together. . . ?  The Studio will close December 31 2017. Annie will continue her work in schools and at sponsor's sites in Los Angeles, Portland and Central Oregon.