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Annie Painter's Teacher Workshops and Graduate Courses

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Annie’s Portland State University Practicum for 1,2, or 3 Credits.  


Classes currently offered:


Sample individual teacher choices have included custom designed studies as follows (in which Annie was collaborator, learning  design guide and coach. She works with teachers on lesson design, assessment, teaching approaches, space, student and materials management while the teacher focusses on an area of special need and interest.


a.    Digital Photography

b.    Glaze Chemistry

c.     Printmaking

d.    Wearable art

e.    Re-purposing found materials creatively

f.     Early childhood studies world wide

g.    Using theatre to support science study

h.    Paper weaving and related paper forming

i.      Sketchbook Exchange

j.      Combining science and visual art at secondary level

k.   What is your special interest? 



Color & Design for Educators

 1 to 3  PSU graduate credits: 
Color & Design with Cut Paper Creations for Educators 
Portland State University Continuing Education, Graduate School of Education

Two six hour days working with Annie in her studio in downtown Sisters plus 20 additional outside hours creating lesson plans, making teaching tools, gathering resources for several lesson designs in the fall that link visual art (color mixing, paper tooling, design elements and principles, simple drawing and painting) with specific content objectives, especially in science, language arts and social studies. 


Fees: 1 graduate credit PSU credit fee $60. Tuition to Annie Painter $195. For additional fee info for 2 and 3 credits and to organize a course on your site, email or call annie  ( or 541 639-2526)


Drawing and Childhood Development Course. (by request)


Annie first developed this 1 credit course to demonstrate how to approach observation drawing  (learning to really see) and creative thinking skills  (using prompts that require invented ‘schematic’ images) with very young children. This very friendly drawing curriculum is popular with all ages and easy to teach. Especially welcome for those who (wrongly) believe they can’t draw so they can’t teach it. Basic drawing skills support creative problem solving. 


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Clay as a Thinking Tool with (or without) Firing 
By request at your site or in small group at THE STUDIO.

A basic clay curriculum with endless creative possibilities because in the most popular version no firing is done.  Examples--a fifteen foot labyrinth for the Minotaur, giant 3D habitats for invented animals, a visual expression of undersea life, a cross section of a flower two feet tall, a Haiku poem visualized….the only limit is time. Students talk about the work, we photograph it and its recycled for use another day. If firing is the objective, the basic skills of clay safety and forming apply as well to fired pieces. Contact  Annie. May need to happen at your site. Clay boards, slats, rollers, clay and other supplies are usually built or provided by the organization. Annie can contact colleagues to borrow supplies if necessary. 


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Custom Workshop or Retreat for a Small Group (by request) at your site.


Teacher teams enjoy a day in the studio to refresh skills, create projects on a teaching team, relax and be artists themselves. No credit involved. PSU fees do not apply. Annie work out cost with each group.


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Registration  is done through Annie, not directly with Portland State University.  Tuition fees are $175 (1 grad credit), $275 (2 grad credits). $375 (3 grad credits). Add an additional $60 per credit that will be paid through your student account at PSU. Annie has details. For example,  a 1 credit course costs $175 for tuition PLUS $60 for credit, or $235.  Tuition covers up to 10, 20 or 30 hours of contact time which is done in Annie's studio, on site at your location if local, via email, phone and skype as mutually planned.